Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sugaring Part 2: Syrup

Darlin'Man brings in sap.
Note the yoke.  It is amazing.
We have one quart and one pint of birch syrup sitting in the fridge.  It is so sweet and so so good.
We boiled it down in the crock pot, and on stove top pans.  Both work.  The crockpot requires less supervision but takes longer.  

Next spring, we hope to have a cinderblock woodstove built in the yard with a ginormous pot or two for the boiling.  
And if one of us ever learns to weld, we've got a great idea from the man who runs the brewing supply store.  Weld stainless steel into a giant 100s of gallon vat, paint it in heat absorbent black paint, and set it up basically like a still, so it'll evaporate out the water by the (direct) power of the sun.


The Woodsman brings in sap.

more boiling.

Slightly singed syrup. 
Please note the alliteration!


  1. being a bit of an urban girl uurmmm what do you use birch syrup for?

    1. lol! No worries! Its basically the same idea as maple syrup (which is the same process with maple sap, just a bit easier cause maple sap sugar content is higher to begin with, so there's more boiling and evaporationg that needs to happen with the birch.)
      I plan to eat it on pancakes, as a sweetener in sauces like in the woodland-made sauce in a recent homestead eating post. If and when I ever get a blender, you can bet I'll use it to sweeten smoothies...