Monday, May 14, 2012

Hipster Hipstamatic TransferSite Photoshoot

In which we romp in the sun, play dress up, and don't spend a cent.

This post is gratefully dedicated to the amazing ladies over at ArrogantlyShabby.  This is all owed to their brilliance and beauty and inspiration...
Model and Fashion Stylist:  my Breda, Anna Gagne-Hawes
Photographer:  the always fabulous Molly Proue, who bakes the best muffins ever.
Also a blog-love link to my daily dress who's also featuring this shoot!  She's pretty rad.

Sunday, I arrived for the tail end of our planned fabulous transfer site fashion photo shoot.
What is the transfer site, you ask?  Well, here in Fairbanks, we don't have trash pick up.  At least, no one outside of the city limits does.  So we all haul our trash to the Transfer Site - then once a week or so, the garbage people come and haul it all away to the landfill.  Which means that for an entire week, in at least 6 separate places in the greater Fairbanks area, there are dozen of dumpsters slowly filling with things people are getting rid of.  There is also a re-use area, covered with a roof, at each one where folks generally tend to leave things they feel someone else might use: like couches, and dressors, and clothes. Which is not to say I haven't been known to climb into a dumpster for dimensional lumber, clothes, pottery, or etc.  Shopping at the Transfer Site is one of the best, most frugal, and most environmentally friendly ways of acquiring things.  It also inspires one to craft and diy.  I plan an ongoing series of posts about the TransferSite. 

 We go to the transfer site alot.  My Breda is positively inspired in what she manages to manifest there.  My personal best find was a pair of vintage Frye cowboy boots (not pictured).  She manages to find Anthroplogie brands on a semi-regular basis.

Pink dress: forever 21
vintage cowboy boots
vintage brown Frye boots
black danskin tights
lucky brand jorts
plaid AE shirt
orange gap tank top
mossimo romper
vintage grey ankle shoes
vintage white linen skirt
forever 21 tie neck blouse
blue AE tie back top
blue old navy shirt

[edited may 21:  to link to My Daily Dress]


  1. awesome model & awesome finds! ... I still may have to build a cabin there someday from transfer site findings... a totally recycled home!... someday ...

  2. Can I go dumpster diving with you sometime? Because I never seem to find such great things when I'm at the transfer station. :)

    1. Hi! We can totally meet up to go dumpster diving! Just a heads up though, Anna tends to find WAY better things than I do right now. I was on a roll a couple summers ago... but then again, its probably just that I'm not going regularly enough.

  3. awesome. our trash collection sites in denmark are so organized and run by residual nazis, who yell at you if you're snatching up that gorgeous old sewing machine that someone left or snatching a few bricks. i'm jealous. and i want those antlers. now.

  4. p.s. i love that the whole photo shoot was with an iPhone. i used to love Hipstamatic, but i kinda forgot about it after instagram came on the scene. i'll have to remember to use it.

    1. ha! I've yet to figure out instagram, though I do have the app on my phone... I do love hipstamatic cause it makes wretched photos look intentionally bad in an arty sort of way, so I can feel good about just using my phone instead of my real camera sometimes!