Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Brown and Green

Birch Budding

new beginnings.

and in between is life which is constantly both:

There is a golden husky who has learned to set off the car alarm when she wants to not sit in the car anymore.
There are a pair of swans who are no longer by the roadside.  I am hoping they are at Olness Pond, where the darlin'Man said a pair nested last year.
There is the realization that if I am willing to brave the haul road, Olness Pond is within summer biking distance.  Which means riding distance if and when I ever get a horse!
There are good friend with gifts of kefir, coming to celebrate the return of spring and summer sun's marriage to the earth, jumping over fires for creativity and growth.
There are windy nights standing on the porch and drinking in the sky.

Clean beer bottles

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