Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Only in Alaska...

The Darlin'Man picked up some literature from the Cooperative Extension the other day - little booklets and couple page handouts talking about various aspects of sub-arctic agriculture and etc.  I'd read a few of them already, a few were new to me and quite good, but the one I wanted to share is this:

"The Cock-a-Doodle Dos & Don'ts about Raising and Wintering CHICKENS in Rural Alaska"

It goes through such sub sections as "The Coop Setup" "Basic Equipment" "Flying the Coop" and "Reccommended Breeds of Layers for Interior Alaska."  Some good info about insulation and heat lamps.

And then, Oh priceless then!

In the section "Roosters Need not Apply" that basically walks through the pros and cons of including a rooster in your flock, it says....

"Harmony: Chickens are very social birds with strict heirarchy - much like sled dogs.  A balanced flock has at least one rooster, once dominant hen, and several other hens."  All very true, I'm sure.  But really, only in Alaska would you ever explain chickens in terms of a sled dog team.

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