Welcome to the world, little one!  
We are so happy you are joining us.

Registry Information

  • The absolutely most helpful gift we're asking for is gift certificates for a local housecleaner.  Help a breastfeeding new mama and a working new dad thrive in the first few months postpartum with a little super-practical help!
  • If you'd prefer to get something for baby, here's some suggestions below!  I ask that please please please NO plastic or electronic toys and gadgets!  Wood toys and fabric toys are great!  Also, we plan on exclusively cloth diapering, so while the thought behind getting us a package of Pampers is most appreciated, we're likely to pass it along to the women's shelter.  There's plenty of options in the links below for buying cloth diapers.  And each cloth diaper comes out to the equivalent wears of many packages of Pampers, so your love and your gift will see baby through months and years to come!
    Clothes in the 6 or 9 month size are most appreciated!  We have a stack of newborn onesies already!

    -For out-of-town family and those who like the convenience of the internet:

    -For local folks, or out-of-town folks who like to support local, we'll have a registry set up here soon!

    Blueberry Baby
    127 Glacier Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701
  •  Gifts for parental postpartum health and sanity:


    *no online store option, I think you'll have to call them

If you don't have our mailing and/or email address and would like it, please contact me in the comments! 

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