Friday, March 23, 2012

This fortnight* I...

-  made a new friend.
- indulged my body in two days of some serious sleeping in. It was needed!
- discovered my cat can jump walls.
- finally, after months of meaning to, brought plants into my office at work.
- discussed plans of beehives, chicken coops, and CSA's.
- wrote two letters.
- watched a Korean soap opera, and had the 60 year old Korean lady who runs the noodle house spontaneoulsy translate it for me.
- read 5 romance novels.  Yes, I read romance novels and I'm proud of it!
- ate bread pudding muffins and jalepeno bacon corn muffins at romance novel book club (see above).
- decided that Korean soap operas and romance novels have much in common.
- ate Thai food with my sister.
- sang kirtan and attended a mantra workshop with Girish!
- ate swedish pancakes with lingonberry sauce.
- listened most days to Alaska News Nightly and National Native News on NPR.


(*A fortnight seems a more reasonable time frame for a regular round-up post than a week does.  Also its unusual - ALL bloggers do weekly things! lol.  But really, I just love the word fortnight.  It has such a sense of history behind it, and it will always sound so elegant to me.  I remember first encountering it in "Little Women" when Meg goes to visit Sally for a fortnight, when I was in 3rd grade and first read "Little Women."  It was a few years until I learned what it meant.  Until then it was this exotic phrase that was all about house parties and lamp lit evenings at the theatre in cloaks.  So elegant!)

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