Friday, March 2, 2012

Sister shawl

This is the long-belated, much awaited, thanks for being my bridesmaid 2 and a half years ago, shawl for my sister.  Its in an eight shaft twill variation I got out of Carol Strickland's 8shaft pattern book.
The threading, for you weavers reading, is 123432123456787654321234321 876567876543212345678765678.  Tromp as writ.

It is made out of Jaggerspun silk/merino 20/2.  Set at 24 epi.  I think its a bit looser set than the first batch of shawls I made, but sleyed at 28 epi was just too much.
Loom in sun.

A couple of weekends ago, my breda and I spent an entire day organizing and setting up - moving into really - the studio.  It had never been fully moved into with the rest of the house, and then bgan to aquire heaps and heaps of fabric, yarn, clothes, costumes, materials, and odds and ends...  eventually all the heaps merged to become one giant mire.
Need I say that it was a monumental task?

But it sure did turn out nice:
And now I feel like it is a welcoming inspiring inviting space.

Some more pictures of the twill:

... I want to surprise her with it being done (when it is) - she knows its coming, but likely thinks it will "never" be done (I dont' blame her!)....  so, I can't post it on facebook.... but as far as I know she doesn't read my blog!

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