Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well, this letter writing challenge may have been a bust from a perspective of the number of peices of mail I sent out.  But I'm ok with that.  Because I habitually write letters anyway.  And I love writing long gossipy thought provoking pondering missives, which sometimes take a few days to compose.

I also don't mind because while I may have only sent out 13 letters instead of 24, and while many of them were sent out ingroups of three and four at a time, rather than one every day; the challenge got me to dig out my valise of paper crafting supplies and make some cards, valentines and otherwise. 

The block prints are cut out of my calendars for the last two years, so are NOT my original artwork.  But the pasting and stitchery and bits of paint are mine.  I made a card for my sister last year out of a knitting block print on hand made paper, with multi-colored stitching and buttons and beads and things.  I keep meaning to make more.  And now I have.  I like the idea of the block prints though, and think that I may just have to learn how to carve prints (I'm sure its easier than I've built it up in my mind to be), so that I can do this style of original cards to sell at market.  The bottom left card is from the inside of a Yogi tea box, and the pink scrap is the wrapping paper that rose soap comes in.  The pressed flowers are from the river bank.

And, I became intimate with my mailbox.  Because I have one.  Not a PO Box, a real mail box!  You know, the metal kind, with the little red flag...  It may be two miles away, but its wonderful.  And I learned that the mailman will pick things up out of it, so I no longer have to remember to stop by a blue drop box in town.

In addition to the previously mentioned letters, I have written to my Grandmother in Texas, and to a(nother) good friend in New York. 

I also recieved the dearest letter from Mary Robinson Kowal, the founder of the month of letters, enclosing a bit of brown ribbon saved from her wedding 10 years ago.  I will have to make something lovely out of it, and pass the love along. 

I'm not sure that a daily challenge, or even a weekly one fits my life or my blog right now, but I did enjoy the oomph the challenge gave me to do some things...  And I'm thinking maybe, a MONTHLY challenge?  Well, that just might be something that would fit in well.... stay tuned!

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