Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Salmon Sky Sunrise


  1. Jasmine - thanks for stopping by and for the advice on my birch allergies. Last year, my husband was building a treehouse for our daughter, using 4 birches as anchor posts and I remember all that liquid running out of them. i KNEW i should have collected it, but we had so much going on (we're doing a major renovation of a really old farmhouse), that i didn't. i will try it this year. we have our own bees and i think that daily use of our own honey has lessened the allergies significantly, but they're not gone.

    as for mold, i'm sure the house is full of it and part of the problem is that here in the cold of winter, i haven't aired out like i can in good weather. we have to live with it awhile longer, so i haven't had someone out to check for mold in the walls, but we will eventually strip the house down to the bare bricks and start over, so that should help. if i live that long, of course. :-)

    i'm so glad you found me - sustainable living and a weaver - you're totally my kind of person! i've got two looms, standing in wait 'til the renovations are done and i can put them up in a new studio!

    thank goodness for the interwebs! i can see that you follow kim (numinosity beads) as well, she's a blog (and facebook) buddy of mine as well. it's a small world.

    1. I'm glad I found you too!!!
      I grew up in an old old farmhouse in Maine. So I grew up with constant renovations...
      What kind of looms do you have???

  2. It took me awhile to figure this out....but when I clicked on julochka's link I instantly recognized those trees. and then it took me several more minutes to figure out our connection.
    You weaving sits proudly on our new table in our apartment in Tuscon... looks good.
    xoxo Kim

    1. I literally laughed out loud as I read your series of comments on julochka's entry....
      I'm so happy my weaving is happy with you! The copper old couple is hanging next to the window in the dining room. It was a present for my darlin' man.

      Also - I love that you recognized the trees! I mean, of course one does...

  3. it was the Schlo wedding on your pinterest that made my synapses fire finally!