Thursday, February 9, 2012

A week in letters

A sea turtle card send to a dear friend in Italy.

An Alaskana northern lights postcard sent to a Postcrossing pen pal in Germany.

Discovering that I do, indeed, have home mail pickup.  Well, not quite 'home' as the mailbox is two miles down the road - but its on the way home and I stop by it every few days.  I have lived so long with only a PO Box, and having to remember to bring things to be mailed to the post office.  It is so nice to realize the mailman will pick it up at home!  Even if I get nothing else out of this whole letter challenge, I'll have gotten this.

A long letter to a good friend from highschool Shakespeare who is now living in New York after recently reconnecting.

Thank you to my breda's mothers for vintage cookbooks.

Hand made valentine to a dear friend in Seattle.

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