Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday Yarn Along

Apologies for the super-mediocre picture quality, but I suppose that's what I get when I choose to use my iPhone, and bad lighting...  Oh well.

I've never joined in on Ginny's Yarn Along before, but it has made me smile all over the blogosphere for a long while now.  And now I actually have something on my needles!  Mostly I just have something on the loom, but every so often, I bust out the knitting needles too.  After a number of meeting and conference days at work where I kicked myself over and over for not having knitting, I looked through my pattern books and looked through my stash, and found something that I not only am excited to make, but that I actually had the 'correct' yarn in the 'correct' color!  No substitutions needed.  Norwegian Handknit's pattern for a gnome hat is made out of Baby Ull.  I was hoping to use the interchangeable tip circular needle set my mother gave me for my birthday, but it only goes down to #4, and #2 was needed, so I'm using a bunch of double tipped needles instead.

At any rate, I"m making the child's size hat, and if I have enough yarn, I'll make the doll/teddy bear sized one.  A friend's little girl will be a happy gnome come christmas!

Reading:  Many books all the time.  My great downfall is my inability to set down a novel: I will ignore the rest of my life until the story is over, and I read really really quickly, so novels only last a day or two at most.  Non fiction I can space out much better.  One of the main ones I am reading right now is "Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma" by Peter Levine.  Both my work, and the yoga I plan to teach are profoundly engaged with healing trauma.

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  1. welcome to the yarnalong jasmine! your hat looks like it has a good start, i want to check your link to the pattern. the reasoning to why you read fiction vs. non is interesting. i'm not a fast reader (too many distractions) but maybe thats why i like nonfiction so much too. your work sounds rewarding.