Thursday, February 16, 2012

Energy from the SUN

All this week it has felt so much like winter is ending.  The temperature has been in the zero to fifteen ABOVE range, and the light is staying longer and longer everyday.

Last weekend, I spent all of Sunday at home.  It was lovely - roast chicken for dinner, laundry, vaccuming (courtesy of Darlin' Man), dishes (courtesy of me - if you know me you'll be shocked!).  But perhaps the best part was watching the electric system do its thing.  For a long time, the amp load on the battery hovered right around half of its normal usage, despite the vaccum and the washing machine.  Then, for a magic couple of hours, the meter showed that 0.00 amps were being drained from the batteries by the house.  Ocassionaly it would spike up to register that the batteries were recieving 0.01 amps of electricity. 
The generator never turned on.
So, where was this magic energy coming from?  From the sun, my friends, from the sun.  Yep.  That's right, mid February in Fairbanks, and we're making elecricity off the solar panels.
That is how I know that spring is really on the way, even if we have more 20 below in the future....

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