Friday, January 27, 2012

Instead of clubbing...

My housemate's father is visiting this week, and managed to time his visit to another streak of forty below weather.  I'm sure he's pleased as punch about that (not).

We were all gathered around the woodstove last night, me and darlin' man, my breda, her father, and her partner (also a homesteading dreamer).  We were drinking Sleepytime, yarrow, and green teas respectively.  It was a lovely gathering of the hearts, enjoying the warmth of tea and fire and laughing at the antics of two huskies, winding down from the day to go to bed.  We showed her father the particularities of our woodstove as we are all off at work today, leaving him with the house.  And conversation, inevitably turned to talking of spruce vs birch, and relative time for seasoning wood, and how and where it is stacked.  We got some bone dry spruce this season, that isn't as good as birch - birch burns much hotter and longer (no maple or oak up here!).  So we weren't burning alot of it, but its stacked exactly where I want the garden come spring/summer time; so we're making a concerted effort to burn it all rather than having to restack.  The leftover birch will benefit from another year of seasoning...

We were engaged in our discussion, when into a brief lull, my breda laughs and comments "look at us!  Anyone else our age would be out clubbing!"  Because there we were, four young folk ranging in age from 26 to 32, perfectly happy having an age old discussion as fitting of 60 year olds as ourselves.  We all have plenty of friends who were probably at a bar, or at a club....  Funny how life changes you.  Lets you grow.

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