Monday, January 23, 2012

2012: Goals and Resolutions

My birthday falls just shortly after the new year, and every year I write letters to my variously older self, and read the letters of previous years.  It makes for a very reflective beginning of the year that has little to do with toasts of champagne and resolutions that are made while in one's heart one knows they will be broken before the snow melts. 

My resolutions this year are to be kinder to myself and try to release the pursuit of perfection.
To commit to my yoga practice.
To embrace seasonality.

But there is a vast difference between resolutions and goals, and with the approach of Imbolc, when the roots of the rest of the year begin to stir, I have been thinking about my goals for the coming year.
Firstly - to drink more water.  I believe I may even make this a belated resolution : to drink water everyday.  I subsit on coffee too frequently, and while I have taken to drinking tea in the afternoon sometimes, it is also good to just hydrate.  Without the caffeine.

Over at Weeding for Godot, she has a sidebar list of goals, which she crosses out.  I may have to steal the idea!  But for now, I'm still contemplating, weighting the reality of work to be accomplished with my grandiose long term plans.
A few things I'm fairly certain will make the list:
Dig in the garden and prep for next year's planting
Grow tomatoes and basil on the deck
Plant kitchen garden of herbs and flowers
Dig in rhubarb and asparagus beds, or at least figure out where these will be.
Weed raspberry patches, and run wire strings between rows for orderliness and support
build coop
get chickens
Start (and hopefully finish) greenhouse.

Plan and plot as to eventual location of barn, pasture, garden, orchard, bramble, sauna, greenhouse, windmill, yard, tree house, woodstacks,  etc.

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