Thursday, January 12, 2012

Revive the Red Tent Productions Presents...

This is where I have been the last month.  Rehearsing. 

You may have wondered about the mention of the non-profit theatre company in the "about me" section... or,  you may not have even noticed.  But it is real.  We are not a 501c3, but we are recognized as a non profit organization by the state of Alaska. 

My breda and I started this theatre company our first year of college when neither of us were cast in the theatre department's productions and both of us wanted to do a show.  So we made it happen.  And now, 6 years later, both with full time jobs, we're continuing to make it happen.  We both double majored: English and Theatre for me, and History and Theatre for her.  Much of my creative energy has been moving more towards crafting and weaving and putting work into the homestead, but she continues to act in and direct shows at the local theatres, as well as investing all kinds of time and energy into RTRT.  Our Board of Directors just got a fourth member, so now I am only the Treasurer, not both the secretary and the treasurer.  I feel really good right now, for myself, just doing our taxes and keeping track of the bank account. 

Oh, and directing the occasional show.
This is the fourth show I've directed, and its been - is being - a wonderful experience.  It is a one act, two person production. 

"Gruesome Playground Injuries"  Director's notes.

I was drawn to this play because of its evocative treatment of the trauma we undergo as humans in relationships.  It is the story of two people who are so alone and yet who share an intense and visceral bond.  Though it is the story of a 30 year relationship between a man and a woman, it is not the story of a romance.  It is neither a failed romance nor does it have a happily ever after.  It is something different.  Doug says to Kayleen "I am you."  This is somehow more intensely true than it would be if these two characters shared a strictly romantic bond.  As we each go through our lives, we form relationships with ourselves and with the people in our lives.  This play asks us to examine what these relationships mean to us, and how they affect us through out our lives.  Those that are closest to us, with whom we are most intimate -whether sexually, romanitcally, platonically, intellectually, or spiritually - have the greatest ability to hurt us.  And with whom are we more intimate than with ourselves?

Both of these characters are injured in the play, internally and externally.  They hurt themselves and they hurt each other, each of them. And they search for healing, for themselves and for eachother.  While you may see cuts and blood and emotional pain, I encourage you to look deeper into the injuries and deeper into yourselves.  I see the injuries as metaphors for the deeper pain we experience and the pain we inflict on those around us.  I see the injuries as metaphors for the profound experience of living life in this joyful, hurting, messed up, beautiful world.  For as long as Kayleen and Dougie can feel pain, as long as they can hurt, they are experiencing themselves in the world.  They can feel, they are not numb.  And isn't that the glory of life?  That we can experience it? 


  1. although im from texas i went to college at UAA for a bit. i always like to hear about living in alaska. brings back memories. glad i found your blog :-)

    1. Hi Freedom Five - thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you found me too! Its always wonderful to hear from folks who have a spot in their hearts for Alaska, I know I totally fell in love with it here (I'm from the east coast).

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