Thursday, November 17, 2011

wedding gifts

Last October, two dear friends got married, one day apart.  One wedding was in Rome, Italy; one was in Wisconsin.  I went to Rome.  And resolved to make an amazing set of tea towels and napkins for the friend whose wedding I missed.  Just over a year later, I took them off my loom.
I have got to work on my productivity, and take less time to finish projects.
Granted, it was a 10 yard warp, and just under 30 feet is alot of weaving!

I can post these pictures here, as I've yet to gift them, because said friend doesn't read this blog :-)
I've been so very good, not posting on Facebook, so she'll be surprised.

They went to Fiji for their honeymoon, so the color scheme was my attempt to evoke Fijian islands.
They are made out of cottolin, a yarn that is a durable washable mix of cotton and linen which takes color better than linen and is softer and easier to weave, but is still stronger than cotton.

They were all woven on a dark purple warp, with 2 small aqua stripes on one side.

Tea towel/table runner:

The table set with place settings and 4 napkins:

and with the other 4 napkins:

close up of a multi-colored waffleweave sample, and another stripey tea towel
(I'm keeping both of these, the rest are the wedding present)

2 variations on waffle weave: dishtowels

Tea towel in plainweave with 3/1 point twill stripes:

Napkin in twill, with point twill stripes:

another napkin: plainweave

All the napkins:


  1. I like your waffle weave and variations. Did you have to change all the tie up to weave the other weaves (it it twill?).

  2. Clare - thanks so much for finding me and for stopping by! I'm looking forward to exploring through all the weaving blogs your profile says you follow!

    I did not change the tie up at all, but in many scenarios you'd probably have to. Its threaded to a point twill (1234321234) and most of them are woven in twill.
    Its a four shaft threading on an 8 shaft loom that has 12 treadles.
    So when I tied it up, in order to let me play and experiment without getting down on the floor :-) I tied up the center 4 treadles in a basic walking twill (23, 41, 34, 12); then the next two out on either side, I tied up each to a treadle. And then the very outside two I tied up to plain weave. So to do the waffle, I just treadled combinations of the treadles instead of tying up the waffle pattern...
    I hope my explanation makes sense!