Friday, November 25, 2011

Artist = Carrie Merril

Oh the details.  Remarkably idyllic, really, despite what looks like coal power plant stacks in the distance. 

You'll notice the wind farm across the river, and the ergonomic highspeed commuter train mixed with the horse drawn buggy, and the pup getting luxe treatment in a bicycle pull-along.  The little farmstead's chickens are checking out the recycling -and you'll notice no curb side garbage cans-
The farm wife pulls water from a well by hand, while behind her an array of solar photovoltaics is powering all the 21st century technologies maintaining ventilation and temperature and electric fences and entertainment  and lighting.
You'll notice the tibetan prayer flags and the obama poster. 

But my favorite detail is that this practical farmwife owns a peacock, with flashy feathers and regal bearing.

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