Friday, November 18, 2011


Misha ready to hit the trails, Sabine wanting to lounge around.

Pulling together - this was the exception rather than the rule for the skijor.
Sabine would rather just accompany than pull.
Misha, on the other hand, is amazing in harness.

...and we're off!

Into the woods.

It was a totally awesome skijor, my first of the season.  Uphills are great, but I gotta get used to skis again, and maybe re-learn how to stop on downhills.  Falling always works, though!  I'm constantly impressed by the change in my little husky pup when she gets in harness.  She becomes all focus and attention and responsible, instead of the little fey attention hog that she is inside.  I've spoken with a couple of mushers, and they all say that what I describe of her sounds like an ideal lead dog.  When I talked to my friend Kieran, who I got her from when he bred one of his team, he was all kinds of jealous that I'd ended up with the best of the litter, and half seriously offered to trade me for the pup he had kept.  I had third choice of the litter, and I am so sure that I got the best of the bunch. 

I'm really looking forward to when this cold weather eases a little bit.  The cold ought to have finished the job of freezing solid the Chatanika, and when its a little closer to zero degrees, I plan to take the dogs out on and along the river.  Should be just about a perfect trail. 

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