Thursday, November 17, 2011

cold snap

Its a little known fact that the temperature sensors on new cars - you know, the ones that have the little digital display inside your car - only go down to 22degress (farenheit) below zero.  Subaru is known to test drive their pre-production models in Fairbanks for extreme conditions, but they don't alter their digital temperature technology to match.  Normally this 'limitation' wouldn't be even noticed.  But then there's the days when one has forgotten this fact, and is driving around blissfully thinking its only 22 below (and kind of considering oneself a wimp for minding the cold so much), only to find out that it is in fact 38 below zero. 

Yes, the winter cold has come.  We should be back up to 4 below by monday. 

Yesterday, we (and by "we" I mean my darlin' man) installed the weather station my in-laws gave us as a house warming present.  It is awesome, and monitors temp, humidity, pressure, and windspeed.  The wind sensor isn't up yet, but the thermometer is working great.  It showed 30 below at the homestead when it was 38 below in town.  That means I was wrong.  (and I'm admitting it - if you know me well, you'll be shocked) I was pretty sure the homestead would average colder in the winter than town.  But I guess even 20 miles north, being up on a hill counts for something.

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