Saturday, June 15, 2013

In the Mail: "Its All About Fantasies and Deadwood: chopping up useless thoughts, clearing room to dream"

I got two lovely letters - or a letter and a package, really - in the mail many weeks ago from two dear East Coast friends.  I promptly took photos, and never wrote about it.  Today, I finished writing my second response, and will have it in the mail on monday.

There is something about the speed (slow) and the tangible immediacy of paper and ink in hand - as opposed to the very different immediacy of electronic communication - that carries love and friendship so well.  

Lovliest letter, with a four leaf clover
and a sprig of sister cypress

Such Goodies!
Buckwheat pancake mix
gourmet coffee : roasted April 14th
organic maple syrup
and a book mark

Words on a card

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