Monday, June 17, 2013

Garden Planting!

Someone who loves me very much is working four ten-hour days for the summer and spent some time on his work-at-home friday getting a truckload of topsoil for me, and unloading it into the spot that will (starting next year!) house perrenial asparagus and strawberries.  This weekend, I planted peas - sugar snap and soup peas both - along the back of the bed, so they will hopefully use the dog yard fence as their trellis.

All this gardening work, while earning my myriads of mosquito bites, was done barefoot in the dirt.  Oh, the feeling of earth between my toes!

Misha has strong opinions about the relative
value of time spent planting green things vs.
time spent hiking with a husky.

In front of the peas I planted by 6 squash starts, and a few calendula sproutlings.

Half the bed
You see here the back 1/2 of the eventual bed.  One more truck load of dirt will finish the dimensions of the bed and house potatoes that have sprouted in pantry, the 9 beet seeds I got from the seed swap and the rest of the calendula sproutlings.
Hopefully I'll get that load of dirt this week!  Its a bit late to be planting out, but better late than never.  The squash are supposed to be ready to harvest in 50 days, and the peas in 72, so both should be producing before the first frost.  (*fingers crossed)

Calendula sprouts!
 These five pots on the stairs, plus another 4 pots on upstairs porch, a few handfuls already in the garden bed, and I've still got at least 30 sproutlings to plant out.  Maybe this year I'll let some of them go to seed, and save my own seed!

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