Monday, April 1, 2013

Frugal Finds

  I found this necklace the other day at Value Village, the only worthwhile albeit usually overpriced local thrift store.  It cost me a whopping $5.99 - which while it flies in the face of my 'thrift jewelry shouldn't cost more than two dollars" mentality - is a  far cry from the cost of this necklace.  I have been lusting for the necklaces that Sundance carries and contemplated making similar ones.  But the beauty of them is in the diversity of the small bits beautiful stone and metal, and it is difficult to acquire such a diversity without deep pocketed investment in wholesale quantities, so I have yet to do so.  But Sundance charges $138-400 for a necklace that I know I could make myself...  or find for under $6!   So I'm pretty happy with that.   And decided I needed to brag about my amazingly styled frugality....

Edited 4/14 to add this lovely photo, per reader request:

necklace closeup


  1. Go Mina! It's like finding Free People schwag at Value Village...every time someone compliments you you have to mention, "IT WAS ONLY $4!! And it's usually $140!!"
    p.s. could we get a close-up of the specific necklace you found? Not that you're not lovely...but inquiring minds want to stalk... :)

  2. I know someone with a plethora of small big found beads... :) beautiful dear! great find!