Friday, January 25, 2013

Pretties and more pretties

Hawaiin Shell dangle earrings
 Sometimes it is really really nice to have a sister who is not only a fabulous chef, but who is incredibly talented with making things.  Especially things out of silver and shell.  Or, you know stone and glass.  To listen to her talk about the zen of cutting silver with tiny saw is like listening to me speak of the silent slow joy of weaving. 

You may know that it was both the midwinter gifting celebrations and my birthday recently, and she gave me some beautiful things:  a set of 3 pair of earrings made with beach combed hawaiian shell bits she found last winter, and a pair of earrings made to replace a pair I loved (and lost a single one of the pair) which I had bought a few years ago at an art boutique. 

Hawaiin Shell earrings
 Can you guess what I've been wearing dangling from my ears all week? 

Glass copy cat earrings. 

These are some of the things she's made of late
for me, for my mom, and for herself.
I bet she'd do commision work.  You can find her on facebook!

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