Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Homestead Eating: Pickles and a Lox Lunch

 In the interest of using up the abundance of a "family" CSA share, which goes to feed only two people daily, I've been preserving odds and ends that I don't get around to feeding to the Darlin' Man and myself for dinner.  There's a quart or two of frozen shredded zucchini, about a gallon of frozen snap peas.  A head of broccoli and another of cauliflower, some celery, all waiting in the freezer.  Monday night, I whipped up some pickles.  On the far right (in pic above) are kohlrabi pickles - its a fermented dill pickle recipe I found somewhere in the lovely blogosphere but I misremember where.  They are probably ready to go into the fridge and be eaten, nights this week have been a bit hectic with plans for the Mountain Men's hunting canoe trip this weekend, so I haven't sampled the pickles to see where the favor is at.  The next one in (the other quart jar) is a quick (or refrigerator) kolrhabi pickle recipe -with ginger and cardomom and yummy warm spices (recipe from "The Joy of Pickles").  Two of the pint jars are cucumber pickles, following a no-brine hot-water bath processing recipe also from the "Joy of Pickling" with dill and garlic.  The middle pint is the same recipe but made with the rest of the kohlrabi.  I added a splash of nasturtium vinegar to these for a little extra kick of flavor. 
lox lunch
 With the rest of the cucumber, and a few radishes, I made this open face cream cheese, lox, and sourdough sandwich for lunch.  The cucumber and radish and salmon pairs really nicely, and then as I was eating it and looking at food blogs over lunch, I ran across this recipe which uses the same flavor combo.  Which must mean I'm a gourmet, right?!?

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