Saturday, September 1, 2012

3 apple and 2 pear trees!


  1. Hello Jasmine, I thought I'd drop on by and thank you very much for the goodies I received in the mail yesterday. Your stitched postcard is amazing. I love it. I truly do. I will be hanging it up in my art studio. Thanks for the fish also. I must say that it was very unexpected and an unusual item to send in the post, but appreciated none the less.
    Thanks again for all your time and effort you put into my parcel. You're a gem. Hugs, Kyles =D
    (Kylie Pepyat-Fowler from the Big Stitched Postcard Project) xo

    1. Hi Kylie! I'm so glad it made it, I've been meaning to visit you online but keep forgetting to bring your blog address with me when I am where there is internet. I think I've found about 6 different people with "pumpkin" in their blog title, none of whom are you!
      I'm so glad that it speaks to you and will find a home in your studio!