Friday, April 13, 2012

This Fortnight I....

- read the entire archives of my latest blog crush and fellow Alaskan, ApronStingz

- made moose pot roast with SilverGulch (local brewery) beer

- Saw Buddy Wakefield on his last tour - he's settling down with love and land and chickens and local black bear that gets drunk off their extra plums.  oh, and he's writing a screenplay.
- saw the first bare ground this season!
- Soaked my shoes in puddles! 
- Took the dog river running.
- got excited about the idea of a Wellness Coordinator for shelter staff.
- realized I have stacks of books to read laying around the house and decided to read them BEFORE I order more on line or buy more used at Gullivers 
- received a gorgeous Afghani Kashmiri scarf from my father and another from my mother-in-law.  It is an embarrassment of woven riches!
- ate great Thai curry on my weekly sister-date
- used the fringe twister Santa got me for the first time.
- fell more in love with my crockpot
- drank lots of coffee
- did not get called to respond to a sexual assault.
- decided that this summer one of my goals is to learn to shoot my Darlin' Man's 22 pistol and the shotgun (apparently it’s a great birding gun.  I'd be all about grouse and ptarmigan come fall!)
- enjoyed the beauty of a full moon rising through the trees.
- Talked at length about the Spy sub-genre of romance. 
- gave myself an herbal facial steam
- ordered and received the prerequisite reading material for my yoga teacher's training program.
- drank raspberry liqueur I made with August 2009's summer harvest.
- made marinated eggplant tossed with pasta.

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