Friday, October 14, 2011

Living even farther north

Our homestead is 15-20 miles north of town.  That may not seem like all that much on the face of it, but when you think that the arctic circle is only 60 miles north of town, it seems more significant.

I realized this fact a month or so ago, when I was driving home late at night and realized I was driving into the sunset.  Literally.  It was night time dark in town, but about half way home I started seeing pink sunset tinges on the tops of the hills, that gradually increased in brightness and saturation.  Shortly after arriving home, darkness fell there too. 

I don't know if its entirely due to latitude, or if it has more to do with the unique variations of our particular micro-climate (micro-climates here are dramatic things: in winter a micro-climate can be twenty to thirty degrees warmer or colder than the "official" temperature, which means forty to sixty degrees difference from eachother).  But after the flurries of yesterday, that were apparently more than flurries at home, we have a bout a half inch of snow covering the homestead.  Here in town there's nothing on the ground.

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