Thursday, October 13, 2011

First Sale

This past weekend, as a weaver, I made my first sale. 

It was a barter, really.  A trade to another artist for a peice of mixed media art.
- but do you notice how I termed that?  How I feel comfortable terming that?  "another artist" I just said.

  That phrase may not be much, but in it I allow myself to identify as an artist.  As a fiber artist, that is.  I've identified as a theatre artist for a while now, even as I move away from doing theatre to focus on other things (says she who is about to direct a show...)  There is something phenomally validating and strangely liberating, to having another person value -literally- your work. 
Kimberly Rogers is a pretty well-known local artist, and I was overwhelmed, and excited, and honored and all sorts of goeey and postive feelings when she asked if I would be interested in swapping a peice of my weaving, for a peice of her art.  I was at craft market/bazzar, sitting with my friend at her booth.  She makes all kinds of amazing jewelry: earrings, necklaces and the like; and she had invited me to have some woven peices on her table.  I don't have all that much inventory, but I brought three peices with me: a scarf, a small rug, and a doubleweave peice the size of a large placemat.  It could be used on a table or a wall, and is different on its two sides.  The main colors are copper and purple.  One side is woven with copper and the other with black. I designed it based on an overshot pattern, I took the blocks and applied double weave threading to it.  I called it "southwest sunburst."  There is more to the warp that I'm doing another peice on.
It's a rectangular peice with, on one side, copper blocks raidiating out from a larger central copper block.  On the other side the center and radiating arms are a purple/black.  I will look for a photo of it... I swear I took one, and now I'm not so sure. because I cannot find it!

I had had my eye on a peice of hers all day, and was going to buy it as a gift for Darlin' Man; to have my little mat valued as equal -I valued it that way, which makes it even better somehow that she agreed with me, since I proposed what I wanted in exchange - is amazingly satisfying.  And inspiring.

What a way to end the first craft market I ever displayed my things at!

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