Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Introducing the fence...

With wildfires raging all over Alaska, and one (now said to be contained) scarily close to us, I'm appreciating in a really acute way the things that we do have. Like this fence. 

Meet the fence.

The fence that finally kept one intrepid escape artist...

...inside of its bounds with her species-compatible compatriots.  You will also notice the bear skull she found and buried in the strawberry bed one time when she got out.  We found out last night that in her escapades (pre-fence re-construction) recently, she made off with two of the neighbor's roosters.  How she managed to come home without blood or a single feather, the picture of canine innocence, we are not quite sure.

The Darlin'Man went over last night to talk to the neighbors about the fire (I've yet to meet them!); and later went back over with reparation payment for the roosters.  Just as soon as the oven is working again, I'm baking them a pie.

"Good fences make good neighbors."  There's so much truth in that.

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