Friday, May 9, 2014


I started seeds WAY late this year.  For various reasons, I wasn't sure that I'd have the time to dig in new garden beds this spring, and then...  well.  Then I knew I would.  But by then, the optimal seed starting time had passed.  And I might have procrastinated another week.... waited until I was REALLY itching to garden.  And so on Tuesday, I started seeds!

Cabbage seeds.  Parsley seeds.  Calendula seeds.  Summer squash seeds.  Zuccini seeds.

Less a planned composition than the happenstance of left overs combined with gifts from a friend.

I've others I will direct-seed in the ground...  into those beds I still need to make.... Parsnips, peas, green beans (because why not?  I have a bazillion of them!)

And another friend has promised many many eggplant starts from her own over abundance, and tomatoes to join the basil on the upstairs porch.

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