Friday, January 3, 2014

Food Traditions

The holy-days of midwinter festivals revolve around food.  Always.  We gather for the meal, gather round the table, basking in the warmth of fire, friends, family, and love-made-edible.  
Gnocchi and Salad

Gnocchi for Solstice this year.  I remember having salmon for solstice in Maine, but since we have salmon all the time now, and the sister is vegetarian....  we decided to experiment.  We're still learning gnocchi technique :)
Solstice Dinner

This gallette was beautiful and delicious.  The grad student made it her first day back in the arctic, cause there's nothing more like a "welcome home" than spending time in the kitchen. 
Saged sweet potato and chevre gallette

We started what I hope are new traditions this year...  I don't quite feel they can be called traditions until they are done at least twice?  Homemade Thai food on christmas eve: courtesy of my sister, who simmered lemongrass and galangal lime leaves and fresh ginger in the coconut milk she then went on to use to make the curry!

Hoppin' John : Food for good luck

And as always and ever since I was a very little girl.  I ate Hoppin' John on New Years' Day for good luck and abundance.  This year I swapped out the collards from some kale from the freezer from this summer's CSA...  Kale is the arctic Collard, right? 

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