Friday, May 10, 2013

PhotoBlog : Denali "The Great One"

Last Sunday was the Birthday of my dearest friend over at Maple and Me, and also (strangely enough!) of her twin brother.  I know, they have the SAME birthday.  Crazytalk.

We caravanned a hundred plus miles down the Parks Highway to go to the 49th State Brewery in Denali Park (aka Glitter Gulch) for some amazing beer and good food.  I had the "Wee Heavy" a dark and delightful Scottish Red Ale.  There were burgers and yak and salmon and fish and chips and fried cheese curds and pork schnitzel consumed.  We had a great time.

On the way down we drove into Denali Park to the Savage River overlook and went for a snow hike.  Strangely enough, although I've lived in Fairbanks for seven years now, and although I've been to at least 15 National Parks in 7 or 8 states, I had never actually been inside of Denali Park despite having driven past it (twice!) on every trip to Anchorage.

Here's the photos I took:

The menfolk climbed to the very tip tip of this.
I was happy hanging out in the boulders looking
at Lichen.

View from the car on the park road heading towards
Savage River.
This was pure torture for a husky who wanted
to be running wild, like a wolf!, in this open land.

A husky and her boy.


The View from said boulders look down on the road.

Also, we got a lovely view of Denali itself, driving down.  Its amazing how the mountain comes and goes from view like a spirit, in and out of focus behind and above the range of mountains it crowns.  I am told that this due to certain atmospheric conditions.  But I also believe that mountains have souls.  In either case, it is awe-inspiring.  "The Great One," indeed.

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