Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Grateful to be home again and finally starting to feel a bit better.  I got very sick upon return from Hawaii, even after taking it easy the last few days of the trip to try and fend it off.

Grateful that my man's immune system chose to wait until I was feeling better to succumb.

Grateful for the return of the light!  Sunset when I get out of work, not just lingering light - can you believe it!

Grateful for the one day visit of 40 below and grateful for the return to near zero temps.

Grateful that one love of mine has the ability to support the other love of mine: yes, I am buying yarn with money from teaching yoga!

Grateful for this space.

Grateful for my students, and for my teachers.

Grateful for breath (breathed through the nose, no less!)

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