Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Snowfall

Well, the temperature broke.  The forty below streak taught us about the fragility of our automatic generator/battery system, necessitating more time spent at home monitoring it.  A couple of times we had to put the propane heater in the generator conex to warm it up before it would start.  Deisel engines have to stay warmer than normal engines.
The extra time at home, while a little stress inducing as far as planning around it, with two vehicles between 3 peoples vastly different schedules, was absolutely lovely.  It only reaffirms the reality of my desire to craft a life that is based on and around our home(stead), rather than one in which it is merely a home base.

The last few days have seen zero degrees ranging upwards to 7.2 degrees in the morning when I leave.  On the 7.2 degree morning, driving into the blueberry flats just down the hill from us, the temperature was -1degree.  Amazing the difference a little bit of altitude can make when the inversion is in effect!

The last couple of days have seen light snowfall.  It doesn't snow when its bitterly cold.

My halloween pumpkins we never carved...  I should probably cook them, or compost them, as it is no longer by any stretch of the imagination seasonal to keep them on the porch.

These photos are actually from a while ago.  There's another 6 inches of snow or so above what these photos show.  But they still give a lovely sense of the winter wonderland we live in!

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