Monday, September 19, 2011

Herbal wisdom

Yesterday morning, I sat on the porch with coffee, soaking in the good energy and blessing-vibes bestowed upon us by friends and family at the house warming this weekend.  The air was clear and crisp, and the sun shone through the rain of golden leaves falling off the birch in the forest.

As I sat I harvested chammomile and calendula blooms off the plants in pots on my front steps.  I felt so at peace, and in love with my little spot of land and life.  I sat there for long time in the morning sun, holding the blossoms in my hands.

Today I ran across these descriptions of the energetics of those two flowers: "Calendula's primary perspective is of peace between inner and outer worlds" while Chamomile has "clear focus on life's blessings." 

(Qtd from Loren Cruden's "Medicine Grove: A shamanic herbal")

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