Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roast Chicken

Last night I made the first real dinner we've eaten on the homestead. 

We had roasted chicken and root vegetables with a salad.
I had leftover stale storebought rosemary bread I cut up for a stuffing, and I drank wine instead of the beer from the brewery on our way home; but other than that, everything except the garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the sugar for the brine, and the salt and peper was local.

The chicken was from Homegrown Market, who got it from a local farmer.  The vegetables were alaska grown potatoes (from the store) and Calypso beets, onions, turnips, orange carrots and purple carrots from the CSA.  The salt rub on the chicken had oregano, thyme, savory, and parsley from my front porch herb pots.  The salad was mixed greens and snap peas and radishes and cucumber from the CSA and nasturshims off the front porch. 

Oh, it was so good!

No pictures, which is a shame, but the camera-habit has been misplaced somewhere amongst the bags from Lowes, and the piles of books and pictures waiting for shelves to be built to be placed upon...  when I uncover that habit, I'll pick it back up and wear it :-)
In an etymological sense, the word habit is pretty interesting: it didn't come into usage as "being in the habit of doing something" until the mid 1600's.  Before that it was the article of clothing -you know, like nuns wear.  And it is inter-related with the ideas of possessing and living - to inhabit, for example.
Kinda cool to think about one's daily habits as actions that we wear or that we live in...


  1. We are having roast chook tomorrow, so, I will use your salt rub mixture.
    Almost a year on from moving here, but only 6 months from being able to use the land i can say it does get easier and things s-l-o-w-l-y begin to fall into place. Don't rush it though - take the time to listen to the house and the land - it knows. xxx

  2. I hope you like the recipe.... I modified it from one Jenna posted on CAF...

    and thank you for your wise words. I needed to hear that :-)