Saturday, July 9, 2011

When basil is only minutes old..,

My basil this year is actually growing, if not thriving as it might were it in a green house or a hoop house...  I harvested my first handful of lush fragrant leaves today, and bought heirloom tomatoes at Farmer's Market specially for this meal. 
My tomatoes are still small and green, but there are those up here who heat green houses with woodstoves, stoking the fire every few hours, in order to grow early tomatoes and cukes and summer squash.  We have the light to grow abundantly long before we have the temperature of air or soil.

I chopped the tomatoes and my basil, toasted pine nuts, added fresh ground pepper and salt, drizzled olive oil, tossed it together with al dente pasta, and grated imported italian Parmasean (you know, the kind that comes from Parma).  Enjoyed with a glass of red wine after a stressful encounter; perfect.

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