Sunday, May 29, 2011


Today I found 14 dozen canning jars at the transfer site!
All in their original packaging, though obviously having been in a damp basement or something. They'll need to be washed well, and most of the lids and rings won't be worth much... But you don't need rings on the jars while they're on the shelf - only for processing and then after you open them. And lids are only really good for a year anyway, though that is one I still struggle with- it seems so wasteful to toss out what appear to be perfectly good tops. I mean I use used tops for things like the jar of a weeks worth of salad dressing in the fridge, or a jar of soup to take to work; but you're not supposed to CAN with used lids. And those bacteria are not ones I want to take chances with...

My other beautiful news of the day is that I went back to the cabin to get pots for planting starts tomorrow; and found that in the perennial bed I worked on the past two years, there are lillies, poppies, daisies, chives, and rhubarb coming back. Wheeee! I hope the tenants enjoy them. It was really nice, going back there on a gorgeous sunny day with a little bit of distance and seeing how much I really did accomplish on that little piece of muskeg. I'm not as ineffectual as I sometimes think i am. It gives me perspective for this upcoming move... The past week or so I've been itching to be working in the dirt and railing against the time line I'm stuck with, wanting to dig in asparagus, and break ground for perennial beds, decide on where to plant the lilacs and chokecherries and apples and what should be garden and what should be pasture; but knowing that all those decisions, realistically, will be next years'. Oh, and the wedded tree came back strong and healthy. Darlin' man is going to hate me when I tell him I want to dig it up, drive it 20'miles, and then replant it at the homestead...

All things in good time. This is what I need to keep in mind. And in the meantime, wild herbs can be gathered, mountains hiked, rivers canoed, and herbs and flowers grown in pots.

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